smart interior LED light

  • Problem: The original smart interior light can be described at best… boring.
  • Solution: A custom made LED light! Made of a spare original light and a couple of bright white LEDs

Things I used:

  • an original smart interior light module (will not be damaged!)
  • a breadboard in “euro”-format
  • 15 Superflux – LEDs (3.1V, 60mA)
  • 5 resistors, 75 Ohm, 0.6 W
  • a screwing terminal for two wires
  • some wires ;)
  • later on: white acrylic paint

The schematics:

the schematics

How I did it:

  1. open the original light module and remove the bulb
  2. cut and shape the breadboard so that it fits easy into the base of the original light (the white part)
    01 cut and shape the breadboard
  3. two cutouts will be needed for the original contacts, otherwise trim down the contacts, but this will damage the original module!
    The breadboard should fit easily into the lamp’s base
  4. place and solder the LEDs
    all LEDs in place
  5. place the resistors on the bottom side of the breadboard in order to make them invisible
    resistors on the rear side
  6. connect the positive ends to the + terminal contact
  7. connect the negative ends to the – terminal contact
  8. solder a wire to each of the original light-module’s contacts, but solder below the holes that normally fix the bulb, so the module remains usable with a bulb
    ready for installation
  9. fix the breadboard with doublesided tape and connect the two supply wires to the terminal
  10. Install the original lamp cover and….
  11. enjoy!
  12. PS: Later on I painted the top of the board with white acrylic paint (two layers), it just looks nicer if the light is turned off, the board’s own color will not shine through the cover. A picture may follow in the future…
  13. PPS: A nice add-on is a white LED replacement for the interior light switch.

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